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Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd. (“SCGC”) was established by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and commercial shareholders in year 1999. With the mission of discovering and making great companies and as the discoverer and cultivator of the innovational value-added company, SCGC has become a comprehensive investment conglomerate major in VC/PE with registered capital of RMB 10 billion and total asset under management of approximately RMB 423.9 billion.


Funds under SCGC’s management include 149 funds, 13 FoFs and 19 project-based funds (including real estate fund and PIPE funds). Moreover, SCGC has set up Red Earth Innovation Fund Management Co., Ltd., the first PE institution-controlled public fund management company in China. Besides, SCGC is rapidly engaged in expanding VC/PE related business under the development philosophy of specialization, diversification, and internationalization.


SCGC mainly invests the long-term capital in small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”), especially self-innovative high-tech emerging market SMEs, in the sectors of Information Technology, Internet/ New Media/ Cultural Creativity, Bio-Tech/ Healthcare, New Energy/ Clean Technology, New Materials/ Chemistry, Advanced Manufacture, Consumer Goods/ Modern Services, etc., in all of their development phases. Under the philosophy of “30% of investment and 70% of services”, SCGC helps its portfolio companies quickly growing by means of resource integrating, capital market serving, legal monitoring, and entrepreneurship training.


By November 30, 2021, SCGC has invested 1309 projects with a total investment amount of RMB 77.3 billion, of which 385 have exited and 202 have been listed in 17 global capital markets. Both numbers are No. 1 in China’s VC/PE industry. The best performance comes from SCGC’s so many excellent companies invested with its professional investment capabilities and in-depth value-added services. The successful cases include Weichai Power, Tencent Music, Raytron Technology, Western Superconducting Technologies, Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics, OFILM, Sunway Communication, Sinovatio Technology, Chipscreen Biosciences, Lifotronic Technology, Contemporary Amperex Technology, Aukey Technology, Jindan Lactic Acid Technology, Akeso, Qi An Xin Technology, Royole, ASR Microelectronics, Empyrean, etc.


With its excellent track record in the VC/PE industry, SCGC has been known as one of the top players in the comprehensive rankings of VC/PE institutions published by China Venture Capital Association, Zero2IPO Group, ChinaVenture, and other authoritative ranking institutions for consecutive years. In the past five years (2016-2020), SCGC has been ranking the first among the local VC/PE institutions by Zero2IPO Group. Especially, SCGC was the No. 1 among all players in the year 2007.