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We primarily invest in enterprises in expansion stage, and reasonably balance our portfolio, striving to minimize the risk while maximizing the return.

We aim to strengthen our partnership with foreign venture capitals, improving our ability of resource complementarity and value-added services.

We are also establishing a network of guidance fund, improving our ability of project sourcing and co-investment.

We also have professional internal specialization, improving our ability of project recognition, and investment management and service.

We investment in enterprises of all stages, seeking for projects with rapid growth potential.

We focus not only in manufactures and high-techs, but also on services and logistics which contain innovative features.

Strengthening our ability of post-investment service: problem solving; resource integration;

Capital operation services.

Creating an investment industry chain and value chain, lowering the cost of service, and promoting its efficiency.

Focusing on making our portfolio companies listed, and choosing the most matching market worldwide for them;

Actively promoting exits through merger and acquisition;


Transfer of ownership or equity;

Stock repurchase.